How Corporate Culture Shapes a Company

Culture is a buzzword that is often overused. Businesses everywhere are focusing on creating a corporate culture conducive to meaningful work by satisfied employees. But why is culture so important? Chief Operating Officer Jim Beck says, “The culture in an organization impacts all aspects of a company, including productivity, retention, and innovation.”

It’s no secret that MRS operates according to family values. The company, founded by brothers, Saul and Jeff Freedman, carries such principles into every aspect of the business. Consequently, each new hire that walks through the building is invited into the family. Open arms and overwhelming welcome are just pieces of the puzzle that differentiate MRS and make the company such a positive work environment. In fact, Jeff Freedman greets every single new training class at the Cherry Hill headquarters and operations leaders do the same in Ohio and Alabama.

Beck says, “There are so many employees that have been here for 5, 10 and 20 years. You don’t get that tenure without a strong culture. I would say that the culture here is about supporting each other, pushing each other to do better, having a strong performance, and having fun.”

Retaining employees benefits a company financially and culturally. According to the Social Market Foundation, happy employees are found to be 20% more productive than their counterparts. Additionally, a strong corporate culture promoting a positive work environment could see up to 37% increase in sales. Chief Personnel Officer Regina Weir says, “An employee’s work environment directly affects their job satisfaction and the quality of their daily production. A happy employee is a more productive employee and MRS strives to understand the evolving needs of its people in addition to letting them know that their voice is important to us.”

An employee’s hard work never goes unnoticed. MRS recognizes day to day and formal achievements in the call center ranging from a call that yielded a large collection to ribbons for prolonged call excellence. Today, the call center is full of cubicles adorned with different awards as the agents proudly display their ability to produce outstanding quality, month after month. The company also engages employees and challenges all to think outside the box. The yield of creativity is great; Beck says, “In addition to the impacts to our employees’ performances, MRS also has a very supportive culture for new ideas and creative solutions. This has led to technological improvements, process performance improvements, and financial performance improvements through ideas that have come from all parts of the organization.”

A strong corporate culture does not just appear- it takes time to nurture and grow. Over the 27 years in the business, the MRS family culture attitude has developed a fiercely competitive, caring, and innovative company.