Breaking Down Barriers

Woman working on financeFor too long the consumer finance sector was dominated by men. The “old boys club” was closed and inaccessible. Fearless women have broken down this barrier and are growing their numbers. According to UC Davis, women only make up about 18% of jobs in the financial industry and Catalyst reports that only 58 fortune 500 companies have a female CFO. While at a glance these numbers are not extremely encouraging, the precedent that the women behind the statistics set is monumental.

MRS presents many opportunities for all employees and, unlike many of its industry companions, has never struggled with gender inequities that often plague the financial sector. Through social movements prompting industry evolution, the sector is more open than it has ever been before. Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Misty Carson says, “Historically, the industry has probably been dominated more by men when aggressive styles in collections was the norm. In recent years, the accounts receivables and collections industry has become more customer centric and focused more on the overall customer experience and company branding. Through the evolution of our industry, we have seen more women enter the industry and also promotions to senior leadership roles.”

While inequality still exists in the industry, MRS is an welcoming environment open to all and offering many options for career mobility. Vice President of Operations Kelly Feoli says, “Since I have been employed at MRS, I have always felt like part of a family. The ‘old boys club’ does not exist at MRS.” Vice President of Quality Assurance, Training, Customer Experience Kelli Grieco adds, “I’m very fortunate to work at a company where I have never experienced any inequity because I’m a woman. It makes me feel good about the future for my daughter.”

The company was founded on values of quality work, innovative practices, and respect for all employees. Emphasis on family culture has created an accessible space that all employees are encouraged to make home. Carson says, “MRS has two women on our Executive Team and several women in senior leadership roles. Our staff is comprised of a larger percentage of women agents and Operations Managers. The culture at MRS is conducive to diverse growth and development for everyone with excellent management training and leadership opportunities.”

As the push for equality in the sector intensifies, InsideARM has aptly established the Women in Consumer Finance conference, the first to take place this December in Baltimore. InsideARM’s Chief of Content and Industry Intelligence and Conference Chair Amy Perkins and CEO Stephanie Eidelman are carving a pathway for all women in the accounts receivable business and MRS’s Misty Carson and MRS Chief Personnel Officer Regina Weir look forward to attending this monumental event.