In Memoriam

This September, MRS dedicates our Employee Spotlight to the treasured members of staff that we lost this year. We remember and honor these extraordinary people today as collaborators, teammates, and friends. Our thoughts are with their families and loved ones in these difficult times. 

Always in our hearts and memories, we commemorate Angel Johnson, Myra Lane, Yadira Torres, Kevin Hendricks, Shane Heipp, and Charlotte Sage.

“Angel Johnson was a valued member of the MRS Team. She was a good employee, always willing to help when needed, and very reliable. Each day she came to work with infectious positive energy, and always with a glowing smile on her face. Angel relied on public transportation to get to and from work, and even with the challenges of taking 4 different buses to get to her destinations, she was always here and on time. She made it to work even on most inclement weather days where many others would have simply called out.  It was truly a pleasure to have her as part of our MRS family, and the loss was greatly felt by all that knew her. Angel will continue to be missed by us all as she was a light in this world that is sadly gone too soon.”
Sadia Antara

“Myra is missed everyday. I can’t tell an old MRS story without mentioning her in some way, shape, or form. She was such a big part of the department. She would bake cookies every Christmas for all agents and was a mother figure to a lot of people on the floor. I feel beyond privileged to have known her.”

Brandy Nolan

“Yadira Torres was a valued member of the MRS First Party Spanish team. She was a loving fiancé and mother of five children, and she was a good employee who was always willing to help others on her team. In her personal time, she enjoyed spending time with her family and listening to music. It was a pleasure to get to share in her journey; Yadira will be missed by all who knew her. She was a bright individual, taken too soon.”

Daniel Saez

“Kevin Hendricks was a young man who was considered one of the best agents that we have ever had at MRS. He had negotiation skills unlike any other. Kevin was an amazing employee but also a great friend to many of us here at MRS. Kevin loved to talk but more importantly he listened to anyone that wanted to confide in him. There are so many of us that will never forget our friend.”

Kelly Feoli

“Shane Heipp was our first developer and had been with MRS for over 15 years. He was extremely talented and innovative. He developed many different programs that helped MRS become one of the premier and most technologically advanced companies in the collection industry. Shane was so much more than a valued employee. He was a student of history, especially revolutionary war history, and enjoyed talking about his country. He was also extremely witty; he would routinely make up interesting, one-of-a-kind things to say, and would repeat them to make everyone laugh (which was quite often). 

More than anything, he loved his daughter. He would always talk about his weekends with her and the fun times they spent together. This was especially true at Christmas, a time when he and his daughter shared so many special memories. Preparing for Christmas always started early for Shane and his daughter as they began preparing months in advance. That joy made its way into the office too as Shane encouraged his co-workers to get into the spirit of the holidays with him. Shane will always occupy a special and unique place in our hearts and lives. He will be missed dearly.”

Michael Meyer and the IT Team

“Charlotte may have been small in stature but her impact on everyone she encountered was enormous.  She was a great mentor not only within the finance department but within all of MRS over the years. Many client processes she helped to develop are still in place today. But most people remember her not for being the hard worker that she was, but because she always had a kind word or a smile on her face.”

Lisa Kennedy

We will hold Angel, Myra, Yadira, Kevin, Shane, and Charlotte dear in our hearts. Their legacies continue to live on.

“MRS considers all of our employees to be part of our family, and while we mourn the loss of these MRS family members, we are grateful for their many contributions during their years of employment and the fond memories we have that will live on. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all of the family and friends that they touched.”

Saul & Jeff Freedman