Work From Home One Year Later

Picture a call center: a large open floor, desks in designated clusters, agents interacting with each other and customers alike. Prior to 2020, there would be nothing wrong with this image. But our newly minted pandemic sensibilities might sound alarm bells at the thought of a populated space.

MRS moved swiftly, prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and their families. By March 20th, 2020, MRS was able to integrate a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to enable a work from home solution. In just two weeks, MRS achieved 100% deployment of eligible agents working productively and safely from their own homes. MRS’s decisive action came before ‘stay-at-home’ orders were issued, highlighting our trusted innovative drive.  

work from home spelled out in scrabble tiles

Using Amazon Web Services to host our VDI, MRS created a secure and seamless transition from three premises based environments to a work from home solution. Additionally, our agents’ ability to adapt and settle into the new normal was laudable.

MRS employees went above and beyond during such unprecedented times. Chief Operating Officer Jim Beck said, “Our outbound calls, contact rate, and performance exceeded expectations and prior months. The flexibility, understanding, and hard work of our team continues to impress me. The hard work of our agents has been an enormous benefit and value for our clients.” 

Though the pandemic has been incredibly traumatic, we have learned many things about work from home solutions. A study shows that employees are 35% to 40% more productive than when they are in the office. A survey reported that 94% of employers agreed that their company’s productivity was the same or higher since they implemented work from home solutions. 

Within MRS, we saw work from home results including reduced breaktime and not ready time, increased right party contacts, and increased gross collections and payments across the board. MRS has also seen an increase in payment count, which indicates that agents are reaching customers effectively and their interactions are resulting in more regular payments. Additionally, as right party contacts have increased, so has talk time, signifying an enhanced quality of negotiation and conversation with customers. Due to the ease and comfort of working from home, absences have decreased by 30% and employee 6 month tenure has increased by 23%. 

2020 has proved that working from home works. The practice will likely become commonplace, as many companies have seen their employees stay productive and diligent out of the office. While work from home is the only solution at the moment, it is not for everyone. We also predict more hybrid offerings, allowing employees to split time in the office and from their homes. Consequently, a number of state regulators—who also happen to be working from home—have become very receptive to allowing this solution to become an allowable option when the pandemic ends. Several states have already incorporated work from home language into their revised collections statutes. 

MRS has seen the resilience of our employees and their dedication never ceases to impress us. While working from home posed some hurdles, MRS easily surmounted them due to management’s rapid action in the face of a global health crisis and the adaptability of our agents.