The Giving Spirit – MRS Celebrates the Holidays with Charitable Endeavors

People with gifts

MRS is committed to integrity in business and fills the atmosphere with strong family values. Due to those ideals, as the holidays approach, MRS employees work together to raise money, food, and toys for charity.

Each year, MRS partners with the Jewish Family and Children’s Service and donates goods that benefit the entire community, regardless of faith. Business Process Analyst Jordan Miller says, “It is absolutely incredible to see how much generosity there is among our employees. These fantastic people take the time to go and purchase a gift for a local child or adult in need. Taking care of people is really at the core of our company values.” This year, MRS donated approximately 100 bags of food and over 120 toys. 

While the MRS giving spirit is amplified during the holiday season, the company actively participates in philanthropic events year round. Employees volunteer and donate to the JFCS as well as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Co-CEO Jeff Freedman says, “Making Strides is particularly important to us at MRS because not only do we have several employees that are breast cancer survivors but virtually all of our employees have someone they know that have died from breast cancer, have had breast cancer, or is fighting it right now.  For Making Strides, we hold a number of different events throughout the year to raise money which culminates with the Making Strides walk that takes place at the end of October.”

Fundraising efforts for Making Strides include gift basket auctions, 50/50 raffles, and paying to dress down. Employees are active and committed to MRS’s multiple endeavors and over the past year, the company raised over $15,000, with a total exceeding $70,000 in the six years since starting this charitable process.

The debt collection industry often is given a bad name, but MRS stays focused, not on reputation, but what is important- giving back to the community. Freedman says, “Being philanthropic helps instill that sense of giving back to the entire organization and helps instill a sense of camaraderie as we all work toward a common goal. I think it is also important because too often our industry is mischaracterized; I think being able to show that we are not all the negative stereotypes that the media often portrays us to be is another important element as to why we do what we do.”

MRS remains dedicated to charitable endeavors and seeks to positively impact the surrounding community. Through commitment to business excellence and philanthropic efforts, MRS continues to be a trailblazer in the debt collections industry.