Finishing the Year Strong

As the weather cools down, it’s important to ensure business doesn’t follow suit. It’s common knowledge in the industry that the fourth quarter is typically the hardest time to collect. Why is that? Come November and December, many people prioritize the holidays instead of a payment, which is completely understandable. But what if customers didn’t have to choose one or the other.

Compassionate customer care is a cornerstone of MRS’s business. What exactly does that mean though? Our agents have passed a rigorous training program that instills core values and empathetic techniques when talking to customers. We listen to our customers and offer personally tailored payment plans, always trying to find the best solution for everyone. 

The holiday season is a busy time too and many people don’t have a free moment to talk on the phone. No worries! MRS has adapted with technology and connects with customers through a myriad of channels including but not limited to text, email, web chat, and our customer service portal. We want to empower customers to resolve their debt with ease. 

2021 turning to 2022 calendar

The 2021 year has certainly been atypical. Pandemic government stimulus funding impacted the seasonal payment curve usually seen through the first three quarters of the year. While the entire industry is experiencing a disruption to the debt cycle, MRS remains focused on quality and technology. 

Chief Operating Officer Jim Beck said, “In 20 years in this industry this is probably the most unique time I have seen. The pandemic impacted so many people, the national workforce is going through a transition, Regulation F and changing customer preferences and payment patterns. One thing that has remained constant is that strong agent training and a customer centric approach yield exceptional results. I am proud to work in an organization that continues to use technology and make continued improvements in our recruiting and training to improve the customer experience.”

MRS believes in building relationships with clients and their customers. Being intentional and responsive with our communications fosters a stress free experience. Our dedication to excellence is exemplified through our long term client relationships and our best in class results.

Co-CEO Jeff Freedman Said, “2021, like 2020, has been an interesting year to say the least.  There have been many challenges, but like with all challenges, it has presented many opportunities as well. I am extremely proud of how our team rose to these challenges and continued to show compassion, empathy, and flexibility to customers in these difficult and uncertain times. I am also incredibly proud of our development team which has created amazing technical innovations that have led to more channel choices for customers, as well as simpler and stress free ways for customers to self service their accounts on their terms and at times most convenient for them. Investment in technology and analytics continues to be our number one priority and we look forward to the many exciting and new innovations we intend to introduce to the collection industry in 2022.”

With 2022 right around the corner, MRS is excited to see what the new year will bring.