Positive Customer & Client Feedback

MRS believes in the power of positive and persistent customer service. Every day, our goal is to go out of our way to help our customers. We especially love it when they share feedback about a positive experience they had with us. Here are some real examples.

Recently, we had an issue with files getting from the processor to you all.  This happened yesterday and we needed your team’s help.  I gotta say, I felt like I was the only client in the world based on the response I got from William, Nina and Jordan. They did an awesome job of working with our processor whom as you know can be challenging.  

I am grateful and wanted to share how MRS showed the true spirit of partnership.  To me, it always means “we will treat your business like it’s ours because it is our business.”  You all did that today. I am impressed.   

Tom G., Operations Leader, Fintech Card Issuer (and MRS client)

“To whom it may regard, 

I wanted to reach out and give positive feedbank on a representative i had the pleasure of talking with today 5/5. I am a nurse working 7 days a week at the moment and have fallen behind on payments. 

I called to see what i had to do/pay to get my vehicle loan current. I spoke with Gianna. She was calm, pleasant, listened to my inquiries and answered each question thoroughly as well as educated me on how to better manage payments in the future. 

With trying times for all of us at the moment of wonder and uncertainity, I wanted to take the time to provide my feedback. Working in the medical field myself, is not always positivity and healing. Complaints seem to come in more than thankfulness and I feel it is my duty to give forth the recognition she deserves.”

Courtney F., auto loan client

“I would like to praise Ms. Alexander’s service. She was very helpful and answered all my questions in the best manner. From the minute she picked up the phone til she hung up, she kept a high standard of respect and had a great tone. I didn’t want her service to go unnoticed.”

Sarim S, telecomm customer

“I’ve tried for weeks to get my dispute setting with {Client}. They said I owed them $46.19 when didn’t owe them anything. Finally, I was able to reach an MRS rep. (David Jones) who explained to me that on February 12, {Client} contacted MRS and said to stop collections. David told me I had a ZERO balance due, which was correct. My beef was with {Client’s} poor billing department but MRS and their fine agent David, gave me the good news . Thanks to MRS for stepping up and helping me.”

Bob M., telecomm customer