A Letter to Our Clients: How MRS is Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 23, 2020

Dear Valued MRS Client,

We are all grappling with a crisis that none of us could have imagined just a few short weeks ago.  While I know you are busier than ever, I wanted to take a moment and remind you that we are here to do our part, as best we can, to support you, your organization, and your customers.

Obviously, the safety and security of our employees is paramount and we have been following all of the guidance provided by WHO, the CDC, and other government bodies to keep our staff safe.  In addition, we are working tirelessly to reduce the headcount in our office locations and facilitate, where possible, for our staff to work from home. We have made tremendous progress in this regard and we are confident in our ability to continue to service your customers in this time of crisis with compassion, understanding, and patience.  

Furthermore, we recognize that this situation is fluid and changing rapidly.  While we believe that continued communication with customers is paramount at a time like this, there are others who believe collection activities should cease.  It is with this in mind that we have been preparing contingencies to aid you and your organization. Should MRS, and all other collection companies, be forced to cease outbound collecting efforts, this will no doubt lead to massive layoffs within the industry.  With a dramatically reduced supply of qualified agents at virtually every collection organization, there will be an enormous need to still handle large volumes of inbound customer contacts. 

Most agencies will no longer have the capacity or the ability to aid in handling the volume of communications.  MRS, however, has spent years developing our conversational IVA called ADAM. ADAM can handle an infinite number of calls simultaneously and can aid in a variety of functions.  ADAM can handle everything from dispute, deceased, and bankruptcy notifications to single payment set-ups and payment plans. In addition, ADAM can further be customized to handle a multitude of functions unique to the current circumstances such as an expected flood of customer calls looking to alter, change or defer existing arrangements or respond to customer concerns about their account status.  As we are all in this together, and trying to figure out ways to help each other through this nationwide crisis, this is a tool at your disposal.  

In addition to, and supplementary to ADAM, we recently deployed our new Customer Portal on the web.  The MRS Portal enables customers to self-service a multitude of different functions far beyond what most agencies or their vendors can handle via their older and more static websites.  Customers can visit the MRS Portal directly, or through integration with ADAM, and be redirected there when they prefer engaging on the web rather than via an IVA. 

My point in sharing all of this is that we have both the experience in deploying these strategies and the bandwidth to aid you at this critical time.  It is also worth mentioning that we also offer live chat on the website, so the core MRS team could also engage customers in this capacity as well when they prefer not to call.

If you would like to discuss ways we might be able to help you, please let us know and we can begin working together, in these unique times, to best serve your customers and aid your organization.  

We are hoping you, and your employees, remain safe and as a business partner we are here to help you in any way we can.  


Jeff Freedman