Remaining Compliant While Staying Innovative

For so long, compliance and cutting edge innovation seemed to be mutually exclusive. However, that’s never been MRS’s approach. Over 31 years in business, MRS has prioritized both compliance and innovation, a hand in hand marriage that enhances company, client, and customer experience.

We’ve curated the following steps to help outline how we’ve embedded this philosophy into everything we do.

1. Establishing balance

First, take the time to emphasize the equal importance between compliance and innovation. The work in tandem and to succeed, one cannot be prioritized over the other. Aligning your team’s goals and establishing open channels of communication is integral, especially when implementing new, complex systems.

2. Staying vigilant

Compliance and innovation both require extreme vigilance. Lawsuits crop up and technology is always in flux. Ensure you’re prepared for whatever new regulation or machinery comes on the scene. An eye peeled and an ear to the ground will keep you primed and ready for whatever the future holds. 

3. Keeping the mindset

The finish line is always moving when it comes to staying compliant and innovative. Consequently, it’s important to check in with yourself and your team, let them know when a job is well done, and keep the mindset.

Compliance and innovation have helped MRS become a pioneer of industry with technology like IVR Virtual Agent Adam, as well as emailing and texting solutions. So remember, it doesn’t have to be a tradeoff, you can have it all.
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